designers for the community and economic roots of health

Healthcare for the Whole Person
We should connect the dots.

Working with healthcare delivery systems to account for costs from unmet basic needs.

Health ROI
Is outside the clinic walls.

Capturing the Health ROI of economic mobility and self-sufficiency.

The Roots to Health Network
Witnesses for Healthy Public Policy

Organizing voice of medical professionals for health.

Housing Checkup
You Have The Right To Know.

Visualizing transparency for healthy homes and neighborhoods.
Making Pollution Visible

Personalizing pollution exposure for you, your neighborhood, and your life.

Our Politics Are Killing Us

Doctors train to find the diseases behind the symptoms and signs. But, social diseases, like poverty, are usually hidden behind the ones that afflict our bodies. It’s something that medicine doesn’t often talk about it. And, our politics is what keeps these social diseases alive.

When We Forget Health's Basic Needs

When someone can’t afford stable housing or nutritious food, his health suffers and healthcare costs rise — for all of us. If our country is serious about improving health, meeting human needs will need to be the foundation of healthcare.

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Designing new ways for our partners to improve health.

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